Sunday, December 29, 2013

Addicted to solitaire

I'm a little tired and I really just want to go to bed, and I should be writing tomorrow's (today's) post, but what am I doing?  Playing solitaire instead.

I blame Ken Levine, whose sitcom writing seminar I attended in late October.  He recommended playing free cell, a somewhat complicated solitaire game that I had never heard of.  In order to win the game you have to think ahead several moves, just like when you're writing a sitcom.  So I started to play.  And I liked it.

But because I don't often have a long attention span, I started exploring the other links at the bottom of the free cell page.  Yatzhee, spades, crazy eights.  They were all good, but spider solitaire is what I love at the moment.

It's complicated, has just enough rules and an undo button.  Perfect for me! So anytime I say that I'm writing my blog, but my honey hears the click, click of the mousepad instead of the tippety-type of the keyboard?  He knows that I'm playing solitaire and avoiding writing this blog.

Sometimes I keep playing late into the night until I finally win a game.  It's good I can admit I have a problem.  Now I just have to work on solving it.

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