Saturday, December 28, 2013

Vanilla Frosting

Puffy snow looks very much like white icing on top of a cake.  Or so says my honey.  And I agree with him.  We went out into the vanilla frosting yesterday afternoon and it was marvelous!  I'm not sure why I don't go cross country skiing or snowshoeing every day . . .

Somehow I'm going to be attaching these skis to my boots more often, because being outside in the woods, listening to the stillness and looking at the snow, makes me happy.

This is a rare snow mushroom, only found where more than a foot of snow has fallen.  It is very uncommon to see one so close to a ski trail.

The day was quite cloudy, which kept the temperature warm.  There had also been a few flurries in the morning so the trees had just a bit of snow captured in their branches.  Gorgeous!  Mother Nature does a lovely job showing off her finery and I will do my best to get out into it more this winter.

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