Monday, March 17, 2014

The Amazing Race

For a while I wanted to be a contestant on The Amazing Race. That's the CBS show where pairs race around the world doing crazy stuff in exotic locales in their quest to win a million dollars. It's one of my favorite television shows and the only reality tv I watch.

I started watching it during season three, way back in 2003.  (The current season, an All-Star edition, is number 24.) I wanted to travel around the world with my honey and experience all those amazing challenges, and I didn't even care if we won the million dollars!

However, as I have continued to watch, I realize that I don't really want to experience all the stress, discomfort and sleeping on planes that the contestants have to do. I'm sure that I could be pretty close to a bitch, or a crybaby, or just plain crazy, yelling at my honey at random moments.

He's very methodical and calm, whereas I would be the one to wig out over some difficult challenge. And I don't really need footage of that for all the world to see.  What I would like is the chance to travel all around the world at my leisure, visiting all those fascinating places and doing all those interesting things, but without any contest. Unfortunately, that's not how the television show works.

So, I guess you won't be seeing me on national television any time soon. Too bad. One of my tantrums would have been amazing!

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