Thursday, March 13, 2014

CSS Override

The first indication I had that there was trouble was when I previewed my learnings post after pasting in the instructor's questions.  And the words looked different.  Totally different.

So I tried to fix the problem by selecting all and changing the font back to Times, which is the font my posts are usually written in.  It didn't work.  I tried other actions that I don't even remember now, because this all happened three or four days ago.  None of those maneuvers worked either.

World wide interweb to the rescue!  I typed in the question, "Why are my fonts weird on my blogger account?"  After reading a number of answers that I didn't really comprehend, it became clear that although I didn't understand, CSS was part of the problem and looking at the HTML code in my post would help me. (OK, now this is really weird.  I just previewed this post and this paragraph looks normal now.  I couldn't fix it before, and now that I want it to prove it looked funky, it's fixed?  What the blurp?)

CSS stands for Cascading Style SheetsApparently, it's the magic behind the curtain of my blog.  Only sometimes it goes kablooey and it mysteriously refuses to follow my commands. And I get really frustrated.

Design by Steven Frank*

So, I opened a new window and wrote my "it's too late and I give up post".  I think that's the second one I wrote.  The first one was way back in November when the post I had been writing disappeared.  The take away knowledge from both these experiences is that I should write my posts earlier in the day.  That way I won't be too exhausted to remedy the situation.  

On the other hand, I excel at procrastination.  So, there'll probably be a third version of the I give up post.

*This is apparently a "hilarious" web developer joke available for purchase on T-shirts or mugs at zazzle.


  1. When I see your posts, they all appear to be in Arial, not Times. Not sure what that means ...

  2. That's a GREAT opening line for a novel!