Sunday, March 2, 2014


So, as far as I know, Kickstarter is this website that helps people raise money for their projects.  I have read about it (but not really understood it).  I know that the Veronica Mars movie raised money on the site, and Ken Levine wrote a column that went viral, but I don't really remember what it was about.

But the craziest thing happened the other day.  I now actually know someone who is raising funds through kickstarter.  Who?  It's Chris the Bartender! He's trying to raise money for better cameras and microphones and other stuff (don't really know what) for his flair bartending videos. Check out his kickstarter site if you're curious.  It's got a fun video and lots of information that won't stay in my head.  So far Chris has 23 backers and has raised over $700.  Impressive.

To be honest, I have zero interest in flair bartending, but Chris is a super nice guy and it makes me feel cool to personally know someone who has a kickstarter page.  Yes, that's right.  I'm claiming coolness by association. Here's an example of one of his youtube videos.

This cool by association feeling I have reminds me about how I felt when I realized I personally knew someone that had a wikipedia page.  (That's my cousin Tom Henry, the mayor of Fort Wayne.)

Now I just need to kickstart my own campaign or get my own wikipedia page.  That would make me supercool!

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