Monday, March 31, 2014

March Retrospective

March was a banner month for comments! First off, this past month my blog passed the 100 comment mark. More importantly, for the first time, I have proof that someone I do not know has read my blog at least once. Because she commented.

That's right. Megan Sanborn Jones commented on a post from July about outdoor pageants. She recommends "the six annual Mormon pageants all of which fulfill [my] description of 'part history, part hokey drama, part pure patriotism, with lots of singing and dancing' with the added benefit of religious fervor." Thanks for the info Megan and welcome to the blog! Comment anytime.

Jim informed me that I missed one important statmy profile has been viewed over 100 times. In his honor, I have actually added a photo and information in my profile.

When we talked on the phone, a friend tried to convince me that the brownish water I stepped in when the snow was melting was NOT dog pee.  She thinks that maybe the brown patches may have to do with natural tannins in the earth. I think she is being overly optimistic.

My honey felt that I misrepresented his calmness when I wrote about the Amazing Race. He thought he would be just as likely to have a meltdown as I would. The fact that he made this argument after swearing at the dishes in our dish drainer for at least three minutes convinced me that he was right.

As far as the Harry Potter Buzzfeed quiz goes, my family is at least four Nevilles with one Hermione Granger.  Hermione's "extremely intelligent and well-read. . . [She] like[s] to be right all the time but [she's] also very just, kind and empathetic." Even when someone took the quiz trying to get Harry, they got Ginny Weasley instead. Well, she was Harry's partner . . .

And finally, Kelly, thank you for the offer of connecting me with your cousin in Rome after I posted about my Italy trip. We have already exchanged a few emails and I look forward to meeting her.

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