Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It's Meltiinngg. . .

I think I stepped in a lot of dog piss yesterday on my walk to and from work. I'm not sure what else to think when some stretches of snow, ice, and meltwater are white and clear, and others are very yellowish-brown. I'm thankful for my boots, keeping my feet dry and urine-free.

Yes, it's happened. A day after we sprung forward, the temperatures here in the upper Midwest hit 50° for the first time since mid-November. And the many inches of snow have started to melt.  Unfortunately, that means there is a mixture of ice, snow, and water.  Lots of water.

Often at the corners there are large lakes of indeterminate depth. They are hard to avoid, but you need to do your best to get around them in order to prevent wet feet.

As I walked to work, though, I got hotter and hotter.  I kept peeling off my layers.  First, my spring jacket, and then my sweatshirt.  I walked in a T-shirt and I wasn't cold.  Except for immediately after exercising, I haven't been that warm in a long time.

So even though we got a rain-snow mix in the middle of the night, and all the water has refrozen this morning, it felt like spring for a day.  And it was lovely.

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