Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Pi(e) Day!

My wonderful, crazy CoCo office is celebrating Pi Day today at 1:59pm. (Because Pi = 3.14159)*

There was some argument about whether the holiday should actually be celebrated at 1:59am, since with the 24 hour clock, 1:59pm would be represented by 13:59, which is NOT pi. However, since very few people are in the office at 1:59am, it was decided that we would celebrate in the afternoon.

Many people are bringing in fruit pies.  And while I love fruit pies, I wanted to bring in a chocolate pie of some sort.  Unfortunately, the supermarket I went to shop at doesn't carry chocolate pies.

So I am bringing chocolate whoopie pies to the masses.  As I typed that, I realized that the last three letters of whoopie are pie.  So it's like a double pie! (And more importantly, it's chocolate.)

May your world be round and your day be sweet!

*I am sure that the scientists, physicists, engineers, and mathematicians who regularly read this blog could point out inaccuracies in my equation.  Go for it!

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