Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What a parade!

A scheduled lunch date on Monday didn't pan out due to my friend not feeling well. (Hope you're better now!)  I decided to try to salvage the day by attending the local Saint Patrick's Day parade.  And it was a good time.

The block outside one of my offices was supposed to be the staging area, but it was alternating between snow, rain and sleet. So it seemed like most groups decided not to "stage". I did manage to get a photo from my office window of a local junior high band getting themselves ready.

However, once I went to the corner where the parade was actually supposed to start, it was chaos. There were policemen getting ready to march, pipe bands practicing, lots of marchers in green trying to find their clans. Not to mention the spectators with hats, green beads and noisemakers.

The absolute best part of the parade for me was the Bouncing Team. I don't know much about them, but they use a circular blanket to throw young women high into the air and then catch them again safely. I walked along the sidewalk with them and finally managed to get a pretty good photo.

I won't get the chance to do it myself, but I'm trying to decide whether that would be fun or frightening.  Maybe both.

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  1. I love the bouncing team! I've always wanted to try it.