Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Writing Group

In the last writing class I took, all the participants were assigned to a small group. The groups were chosen both for genre as well as how close we said we were to finishing our novels. I'm sure the process wasn't scientific, but my small group of four women writers turned out to be a good fit.

We were all dedicated writers, as well as supportive and friendly, and we all managed to respond positively throughout the class. We built a bond and although the class was finishing, we weren't yet ready for our journey to end. (Well, one fantastic writer seemed completely overwhelmed.)

But the rest of us, three in total, are trying to create an online writer's group. One of us will post some writing each week. The others have the rest of the week to read and respond. The initial writer can ask specific questions, or just let everyone comment as they want to.

We gave ourselves some time off before starting, but a schedule was created and yesterday was the big first day. I was glad that I was not the one that had to post first. However, it also felt good to return to some accountability to my writing.

My only worry is that a group of three is a little small and if one of us drops out, a group of two is really too small. Still, that worry has yet to materialize, and I can only control my own actions. I do pledge that I won't be the first to fail our group.

And wonderfully, last night an email arrived with a chunk of over 4000 words to read. My tasks this week are to read and respond to that email, and work on my own chunk of words to submit for next week.

Looks like it's back to the grindstone.

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