Saturday, May 10, 2014

Film Festivals

There are a lot of film festivals out there, and one of my original goals for this year off was to attend one of them. At one point, I thought about trying to volunteer at the Sundance film festival, but I forgot at a crucial time. Then when I checked the website again, the call for volunteers was closed.

I remembered this goal yesterday when I heard that the Cannes Film Festival was coming up soon. Not that there's any way I could manage an invite to Cannes. The San Sebastian Film Festival in the north of Spain was a possibility, but I've just learned that it takes place in September which is after school starts again, so that's out.

When you look up film festivals on the internet, it seems like every town has one, and the bigger towns have more than one. Atlanta, Miami, even Palm Springs has a film festival. I didn't manage to attend our local international film festival this year, although I have sometimes in the past.

One film festival that I have enjoyed in the past has been the Bicycle Film Festival. Memories include a Japanese film about keirin bike racing, as well as a goofy music video with furry animals riding bikes. That would be a festival I could easily attend. Unfortunately, my town is no longer on its schedule. Bummer!

But that goal obviously wasn't important enough to make the cut this year. I guess I'm just going to have to let it fly away with the wind, and put it on the list again for the next leave.

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