Monday, February 10, 2014

A Stream of Music

Wow, what can the world wide interweb not do?

We spent last night watching and listening to a concert at the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley, CA.  That's right.  We were able to watch The Dry Branch Fire Squad, a bluegrass group that we are quite fond of, from almost two thousand miles away.

Dry Branch Fire Squad
The only problem?  The concert started at 8pm Pacific Standard Time.  That means the music started at our house at 10pm Central Time.  That's past our usual bedtime!

Still, we fought the closing of our eyelids for an hour, and enjoyed the music and the excellent patter of the leader of the band, Ron Thomason.  If you watch this video, you'll notice that he talks way longer than the song lasts.

I realize that this youtube video is wider than my blog and I apologize.  For some reason, the clip won't load the way I normally do, and so this is a workaround.  Enjoy it in all its width!

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