Tuesday, February 25, 2014

On the Road

After all that sorting and packing, we had to do the loading.  We rented a U-Haul truck. The picture on the side of our truck highlights Nunavut, in Canada. Fitting, since we are headed north into the snow and cold.

We loaded all the big pieces on Saturday and then spent lots of time loading, tying and arranging everything else.  As per usual, all of the tasks took longer than we thought they would.

Finally on Sunday afternoon, we were on the road!  Here are just a few of the sights witnessed from the cab of our truck . . .

The mountains of western North Carolina

Sunset means it's time to stop driving . . . 

. . . but not before going through a really long, really cool tunnel into West Virginia!

PS  We're home today! Yeah!  Now all we have to do is unload the truck and figure out where to put everything.

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