Sunday, February 2, 2014

Polo Tourney

Yesterday I coached a team of the most amazing young women.  They played their hearts out for three exhausting games.  Unfortunately we lost every one.  On the other hand, our play improved in each successive game, a good sign for the future.

The tournament was held at a large, public recreation center.  This place had just about every sport facility you could think of:  a 50 meter pool, a small water park, diving platforms of many heights, an ice rink for hockey and figure skating, a fencing room, snack bar, running track, exercise rooms for dance classes and spinning classes and kettlebell classes, and I'm not even sure what else was there.

The pool and water park area are kept extremely hot and humid.  I was exhausted after being inside all day even though I didn't swim a stroke.  I'm considering wearing my suit today and sneaking down the water slide.

We have one more game this morning and it's one we have the potential to win.  If everyone managed to get a good night sleep last night, and they're not too tired from yesterday's games and we keep playing as well as we did in our last game of the night, we've got a good chance.

And after that, there's that eight hour drive home.  It's been a good weekend, but it'll be good to get home too!

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