Friday, February 7, 2014

Blogs vs. Facebook

Facebook turned ten years old recently, so I decided to write about some interesting differences I have noticed between blogs and facebook.

Some bloggers post a link on facebook every time they post a page on their blog.  One of my nieces does that.  And as I watch her pages, I noticed that people commented on her facebook link to the blog way more than they commented on the actual blog post.

Then, there's that dang like button on facebook.  So easy to press, no need to think of something to write.  That was a genius idea.  When I recently posted a link to a post about my team winning the puzzle contest, twenty three people liked it.  That's the most people I know for a fact have read my blog.  Although, I don't know if they read the whole blog post, or just the quick summary I posted on facebook.

And, four people commented that day on facebook.  I don't think four people have ever commented on any particular blog post.  This is not a complaint, merely an observation about how different social media work.  And an acknowledgement about how facebook seems to understand how many people function.

I won't give up this blog for facebook though.  I get to write longer pieces here, and muse about whatever catches my fancy this leave year.  And anytime I want to, I can post a link on facebook, directing all my friends here. So get comfy, we got months more to go.

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