Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Toast to Prohibition

One of the many perks of being on leave is that I have free time during the day to go to entertainments that I normally couldn't attend.

Last week, I got the chance to do one of those cool daytime "activities".  I got myself down to the central library of my town and listened to an amazing free concert.  The Rose Ensemble, a choral group devoted to performing what I might call "old music" was promoting their most recent recording, A Toast to Prohibition.

What a blast!  A group of vocal artists and musicians having a great time singing songs of the wets and drys.  The songs ranged from catchy dry tunes like Close Up the Booze Shop from 1913 to a slower paced wet song from 1932 trying to convince listeners to Okay Beer.  All of them were good fun to hear and the group explained the history behind each of the songs they sang.  It was very fun!

At the daytime concert I realized that I had missed their theater performances celebrating the same album.  That was done with staging and in full costume, but I'm hoping that maybe someday they'll repeat the production and I can see it.

Since the novel I am revising is set during the last days of Prohibition, this concert and CD seems like it was meant especially for me.  It will make up the bones of a playlist for me to listen to while I am grounding myself in the period.  It's a fascinating time and I'm enjoying doing research and learning more about it.

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