Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hiking In, Staying, & Then Out

Our amazing long winter weekend was held at a park with camper cabins and a long walk in.  The 1.7 miles is up a hill and then down the hill. Most people drag a sled with supplies and we were no different.  We carried backpacks with light items, but our food, cross-country skis and poles, and snowshoes were all tied on the sled.

It was fairly easy to pull the sled on level ground but much harder going up the hill.  We didn't arrive as early as we wanted to, so the end of our walk was by moonlight.  Luckily, it was a clear night with a full moon.  We were excited to get to the cabin.

The cabin has electricity and a heater set at 48° so the cabin doesn't freeze. Then there's a wood stove that we played with all weekend, trying to get the place to the optimum temperature, whatever that was.  There are two electric burners, an eclectic set of dishes and kitchen items, plus a 5 gallon container for water.  Oh, and beds for six.

The bathroom is about 100 yards slightly uphill.  Amazingly enough, it's heated and there are showers with hot water!

After lots of winter activities, the end of our trip came too soon and we hiked out after breakfast on President's Day.  It was snowing quite a bit.  The new snow made the walk out quite a challenge.

Just make sure the sled doesn't hit you from behind on the way down!

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  1. This trip looks fantastic!

    But ... why didn't you wear the x-country skis or the snowshoes for the hike in & out? ::mystified::