Wednesday, February 12, 2014

One To One Times Two

An unflattering confession:  I sometimes used to giggle at the gaps that some people (mostly older folks) have in their knowledge of technology.  And if that makes you think badly of me, I did confess yesterday that I wasn't as good a person as that optimistic, forgiving 109-year-old pianist.

But I stopped giggling after activating my one to one membership. Because it's clear that I am one of those older folks and although I have lots of knowledge, my gaps are pretty large, too.

I have had two personal training sessions and they have been great!  I have had the same young woman as my instructor both times.  Except for cleaning my computer during the first session (was it the first time in three years? — icky!), she keeps her hands off of my computer, and makes me do all the work.  I'm familiar with the theory that if I do the work, I will remember it better.

And for the most part it works.  During my first session, she helped me design my dock to contain only the applications I actually use.  Often after a question, she would direct me to type it into the help window of whichever application we were using, and the answer would magically appear.

Yesterday she helped me fix a mistake in iPhoto that I made over two years ago, and had no idea how to fix.  Turns out iPhoto saves your original photo and reverting back to it is very simple.  I was so happy I cheered out loud!

The only problem so far with my one to one sessions is that the apple store is in a mall.  And that mall has a See's candy kiosk.  I suppose I'm lucky that it doesn't have an actual See's candy store, but the kiosks are trouble enough for my sweet tooth.

So for my next scheduled training, I'm going to try to enter the mall so I don't have to pass by the candy kiosk.  Alternatively, I'll schedule my session for early in the day before the kiosk is open.  Plan your walk and walk your plan!

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