Thursday, February 13, 2014

Personal Training

One of my goals this year is to get into better shape.  A good friend of mine who worked with a personal trainer has been trying to convince me to work with one.  She's been bringing it up off and on for a while.  Seems that it made her more focussed, stronger, more likely to work out, etc.

So I decided to try it.  Focus, strength, frequency.  These are all good things. The personal trainer I would most like to work with lives in LA (Hi Kasseem!), but I managed to find one here and we had our first session earlier this week.

I did pull-downs and bench presses and twisting ab work with weight machines and a medicine ball, but the most difficult exercise was much more simple.  It was just a small exercise band around my ankles and then I had to sidestep my way back and forth across a dance floor.

I'm not sure which muscles it worked, abductor?, adductor?, but whichever muscle it was, it ached afterwards.

We filled out a card with all of the exercises and weights and filed it under my last name.  Now I'm supposed to go back again and go through the whole routine three times by myself.  And in three to six months, there'll be a change.

I 'll check back sometime in May or August and let you know how much more weight I can bench press.  And whether those leg muscles still hurt or not.

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