Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Trip by the Numbers

Three days, eight states, over twelve hundred miles and a drop of more than seventy degrees Fahrenheit . . . what a long, strange trip it was.

The open road 

was often crowded 
with trucks and other vehicles.  

Thankfully our journey is over, and we're back home.  The whole thing was like a mini-vacation, but not. Instead of fun, we had:  cranky drivers (and that was just us), a honey with a head cold, and one of us (me!) had the need to visit every restroom we passed.

I told my honey that next year for spring break, I'd like to take that same trip, but over nine days instead of three.  That way, we would be able to do all the cool things that we wistfully drove past.

Preview of tomorrow's post:  The one really cool thing we did on our trip!

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