Friday, February 28, 2014


When you bring a bunch of furniture and household items into an already furnished home, it can cause some problems.  Mostly of the crowdedness sort.

We have successfully unloaded everything in the U-Haul truck and it is a little difficult to get around the house.  We have created pathways, but we need to work hard on unpacking the boxes and placing the furniture in its final home.

A few items we brought back are one of a kind. We are really excited that they are now at our house, like the dictionary table, Winston desk and folk art matchholder case.

Some of the furniture we asked for because we didn't have one, like a sewing machine and rocking chairs. Other pieces were requested because we liked them more than what we currently own, like the two dressers.  So now we just have to get rid of the furniture that we no longer want.

However, there are a few items that I am unsure why we have them.  My honey can't quite explain it either, other than to say that he wanted them.  But I don't know what we are going to do with four end tables and an old couch that needs recovering.  The next few weeks should be full of fun conversations.

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