Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fitbit Love

For those of you who have not heard me talk incessantly on this topic, you should know:  I love my fitbit!  A fitbit is one of the many new small gadgets that totally blow pedometers out of the water.  My fitbit tracks steps, flights of stairs climbed, mileage, and calories burned.

It also syncs (whatever that is) with my computer and gives me graphs, charts and way too much data to interpret.  Plus I can add in even more information.  Additional workouts like swimming or water polo, my daily weight, blood pressure, glucose, and more.

Amazingly enough, it also tracks my sleep.  It lets me know how long I was in bed, how many times I woke up and my actual sleep time for each night. For example, last night I was in bed for eight hours and forty minutes.  But it took me twelve minutes to fall asleep, I woke up twenty times and I only slept for seven hours and forty-one minutes.

There's a community element for people who want to communicate with other fitbit users. You can even link your account with your friends' and compete to see who takes the most steps over seven days.  At the moment I am winning, having walked over 83,000 steps in the last week.

And you can log your food to help you figure out how to solve for x, in other words, how to burn more calories than you consume.  This is my next big area of fitbit growth, because I only input what I eat intermittently, but would like to be more consistent.

I am mildly obsessive about numbers, so I enjoy seeing how my days can vary from very active to very inactive, even without working out in a formal way. It's also interesting to note that going to a different place can change some of the numbers immediately.  I'm lucky to climb one flight of stairs a day when I am in Los Angeles, but regularly climb over twenty at home in the Midwest.

We've been together since April, and I hope we're happy together for a long, long time.

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