Monday, August 19, 2013

Canoe Repair on the Fly

Recently, I wrote a post about not going canoe camping in the Boundary Waters this year.  However, I had been stockpiling stories that I was going to post ahead of time to keep you all entertained while I was away from the all powerful wifi.

Here's one of my favorite tales, highlighting my husband's awesomeness.

Two years ago in the middle of a lake, the bolt holding my canoe seat sheared and broke.  After much swearing, I sat myself in the bottom of the canoe and got on with the job at hand, which was paddling down to the end of this dead end lake, hoping that the campsite at the end of it was empty.

It was pretty uncomfortable kneeling in the bottom of the boat and as I paddled, I became increasingly grumpy about how difficult the rest of the trip was going to be for me.

When we got to the empty campsite, we set up camp and took a look at the canoe seat.  Everything was fine except for the the bolt.  But it was kind of an important part of the seat.

Never fear, my husband convinced me.  He thought he could fix it with one of our extra tent stakes and some rope.  (We always have rope with us.  He insists.)

So I decided to let him give it a shot.  And fix it he did.  I don't really understand how it worked, only that it did.   He replaced that bolt with a tent stake and some of his magic rope.  Amazing!  It easily lasted the rest of the trip, five more days.

This story illustrates why my husband is not only wonderful, but also why he is an essential part of my post-apocalypse survival plan.

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