Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Critical Decisions

There are so many things I want to accomplish each day and throughout this whole year.  It is difficult to figure out how to choose which one to focus on right now, today, tomorrow, next week, next month.

What is the most important thing to do?  How can I make the critical decisions on how to divvy up the available time?

Is the most important accomplishment this year to edit my novel and to stretch myself as a writer?  If so, then I should work on revising and researching the manuscript, making sure to write every day.  I should get business cards made with this blog address on them and network with everyone I know to build my "brand", whatever that means.

Or maybe the most important thing to do is to get in shape by alternating flexibility, cardio and strength training workouts, as well as eating healthily.  If that's true, I should make sure to shop for healthy food, and spend my time preparing those healthy meals.  I should be walking, and swimming and doing yoga, and pilates, as well as lifting weights with a trainer.

But what about relaxing and recharging my batteries, enjoying life?  That way when my year leave is over, I'll be mentally ready to go back to teaching.  In that case, I should be reading all the books I am interested in, listening to my favorite music on the radio, watching good movies and shadebathing at the lakeshore as often as possible.

Yet it could be that this is the year to conquer the paper clutter monster that threatens to take over my house.  That means I should set a schedule for decluttering and stick to it.  I could get my friends over to help, read books that inspire me to keep throwing stuff away, and end up with an organized house at the end of the year.

On the other hand, what about the day to day tasks that seem to never end?  Dishes, reading the newspaper, cooking dinner, folding the laundry, going to the library, grocery shopping?  Then there's connecting with family and friends by telephone, email, letters, and face to face?  I should definitely make time for that!


Sometime in the middle of writing this post, I was reminded of the Cheryl Wheeler song Unworthy.  Here are the lyrics.  She says it much better and more musically than I ever could.  It's too bad there are no available videos of this song out there on the interweb highway.

In reality though, I don't feel unworthy, just indecisive.  And I still need to decide what I am going to do today.

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