Saturday, August 3, 2013


Fire has been an elemental force in people's lives for many years.

In one form or another, fire has cooked our food, heated our homes and fried our lungs.

Nowadays, most people only get to see an open fire when they are camping. Luckily, we have some friends with a fire pit in their back yard.

We always enjoy going to their house for excellent food, fine wine, good conversation and a fire.  Last night was no exception.

Anyone who thinks they can improve the fire is welcome to try.  However, they need to be ready to have their every action second guessed by the peanut gallery.

Conversation runs free around the fire.  Often the talk is quite philosophical, and ranges from love to death to hit songs from the '50s.

Although being on leave means I have time for the big things that I want to do, it also means that I get to do lots of little fun things too.  I hope I have time for many fires over the next 56 weeks.

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