Friday, August 9, 2013

Panta Rhei

That's Greek for 'everything flows'.

We say that around my house when we're trying to be flexible and go with the flow.  And that's what I'm doing at the moment.

It's a tradition to go canoe camping every summer in the Boundary Waters and it's amazing.  There are pristine lakes, the call of loons, and the deep green of the pine forest.  We paddle, hang our food in trees out of the way of bears, skinny dip, fish for walleye and lake trout, generally relax in the wilderness.  If we plan it right, we won't see another human for days.

But this year, with the many stresses of life, it's looking like we might not make it there.

So, I'm going with the flow.  Because in all sorts of other ways, life is really good.  We have food and shelter and love.  Not being able to make a trip is not the end of the world.

Maybe we'll take a shorter trip than planned.  Maybe we'll go later in the year and the water will be colder and the leaves will have started to turn.  Maybe we won't go at all and we'll plan for it better next year.  Who knows?

It's all good, because everything flows . . . 

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  1. Sorry to hear you might not go. We will definitely (no really) try to make it next August.