Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Neighbors Against Pedal Pubs

I pass this sign on my bike ride to my office.  It's the only one I have ever seen.  It sits on the front lawn of a house in the middle of a quiet block.  I can't imagine a pedal pub going down this street and bothering these people.  On the other hand, maybe I don't know much about pedal pubs.

For those of you unfamiliar with the phenomenon, a pedal pub is like a giant beer table on wheels that is moved by the drinkers moving bicycle pedals.  They are steered by a non-drinking employee.   I would imagine they could get kinda noisy.

I have only seen pedal pubs on main streets and never very late at night.  Of course, I am not out and about late at night, so if they are, I would miss them anyway.

My husband is against pedal pubs because they take over his bike lane, but it doesn't happen that often, so I can ignore him when he starts to get grumpy.

Pedal pubs look like they would be fun if you wanted to ride around very slowly with a group of friends and drink beer at the same time.  My brother has mentioned that he would like to try pedaling a pub someday.  Whenever I see one, all the pedalers are friendly.

In any case, it occurs to me that the people with this sign in their yard must really dislike pedal pubs.  Because it takes a certain amount of energy to find such a sign, and post it in your yard so that everyone knows how you feel about pedal pubs.

I haven't done the research, so I am not sure why these neighbors are so against pedal pubs, but if my brother and I ever pedal a pub, I'll make sure we don't cycle down their quiet street.

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