Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Opening Week

Opening week is when all good educators go to the aid of their schools.  The students haven't started yet, but all school employees have begun their work for the year.  There are lots of meetings during opening week.  Usually a welcome back meeting on Monday morning at each of the schools with a video chat from the superintendent.  Then there are meetings throughout the week for grade levels, counselors, social workers, etc.

If you're not in a meeting, you're working on getting your room/office ready for the students on the day after Labor Day.  And, of course, a meeting sometime on Friday to finalize all those last minute details.

I, on the other hand, am not going to any meetings or preparing my room. Since it's a bazillion degrees both outside and inside, I am doing very little.

I am grieving my mother-in-law's passing, reading, watching television, napping in the one air-conditioned room in my house, and trying to stay hydrated.  I can no longer chat on the phone or go to lunch with most of my friends because they are all working.

Today my goal is to go to my office and work as well.  I won't have any meetings, but I will write.   Officially a new year has begun for everyone, even those of us on leave.

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