Friday, August 16, 2013


One of our local pools has a small zipline.

This is not me.

I have been wanting to go on this zipline all summer, but it had never quite worked out.  Until today.  I went to water aerobics and then paid a little extra to stay after and experience the zipline.  I was a little worried about being able to hang onto the crossbar, as my upper body strength is not, well, my strength.

It was a total disaster.  

Why?  I decided to try my best to hold on to the crossbar until it hit the bumper toward the bottom of the pool.  And I did!  At which point, my toes flung forward, my body went horizontal, and I dropped into the pool below.  

Back flop.  

Boy, did it sting!  And then the combo of a ring and that darned crossbar gave me a blood blister to boot.

On the other hand, it was a total success.

Why?  Well, I went on the zipline.  And I survived it.  And I learned a lot. First, make sure you bring your contacts so you can see well.  Second, build up your upper body strength, your arms won't hurt so much later that night. Third, take off your rings, as you will be gripping that crossbar tightly.  Last, and most important, drop down into the pool feet first before you hit that bumper!

Wanna come with me next time?

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  1. Yes! Me, me! I still want to go down someday when I don't have to rush off after class--- and I promise I will get a better picture of you next time. :) Wednesday or Thursday next week?