Thursday, April 10, 2014

Back in action . . .

. . . and raring to go!

After being upright yet comatose on Tuesday, I woke up yesterday feeling like an actual person. And more than just a regular person, a person with energy!

I woke up early, showered right away, ate breakfast, worked around the house a little and then went off to work at the office.  And when I got there I was very efficient.  I worked on a new beginning for my novel, sent emails, made some phone calls and just generally got lots of work done.

However, about 3pm I started to crash.  It became clear that one good night's sleep isn't quite enough to make up for a really bad one.  So I came on home, stopping at the YWCA to swim and hot tub and getting more and more tired.

I managed to stay awake long enough to attend my last live chat of my online writing class, although I was fading by the end. So I took myself off to bed to get another good night's sleep, hoping I would hopping again this morning.

And I am.

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