Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Leaning Photos

Yesterday we went to Pisa on the train.  It was a good day. Pisa is a lovely town with a medieval wall surrounding it. The wall is being restored, although not when we were there. (When asked when it would be finished, the woman at the tourist information office threw up her hands, and said, "It's Italy!)

We wandered all over town and eventually made it to the Field of Miracles where the crooked tower is located. We ate a picnic lunch on the steps of the Duomo. Earlier, we had fun at a local store buying lots of edible goodies, including salami dolce, which even the vegetarian ate.  

The cathedral was absolutely gorgeous both inside and out, and we contemplated the leaning tower from all sides, except for inside and from the top.

When taking photos, though, I noticed a curious phenomenon. I kept trying to correct the lean by tilting the camera. Even after I realized what I was doing, it was difficult to stop. Here are two attempts.

In fact, the only bad thing about the day was that my youngest traveling companion was feeling sick and by the end of the day had a slight fever. Not fun while traveling, but we hope she recovers soon and that the rest of us continue to be well.

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