Friday, April 4, 2014

Pain sucks . . .

 . . .  so does getting older.

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One of my wonderful spring break activities was to go for a long walk with friends at a local park.  The day was sunny but cold.  We walked through the woods, alongside the river, trudged through snow, water and a bit of ice.

It was a great afternoon. We saw a dead fish in the river (the eleven-year old boy loved that!) plus met a stocky bull mastiff named Bud, and we got a little lost trying to find the parking lot again.

I must have overdone it because my back has been aching ever since. It doesn't hurt when I sit or lay down, just when I try to move. I feel very, very old. I can barely straighten up, although if I am moving around for a while, it all loosens up and doesn't hurt too badly.

Unfortunately, it starts all over again when I get up from sitting down. So, I'm moving slow and hoping that it will improve today.

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