Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bike Riding Weather

There are some crazies who ride their bicycles all winter long, no matter the snowfall or freezing temperature. The rest of us sensible people make our riding decisions based on the weather. Personally, in the fall I stop riding when it goes below 20° Fahrenheit.  In the spring, however, I am a lot more demanding.

The ice must be gone from the streets. It has to be warm, not just not cold. The wind has to be light. Conditions must be just right. And today was the perfect day! Luckily for me, in anticipation of just such a happy event, my honey tuned up my bicycle for me.

I rode my bike on some errands, probably not more than a mile. But, boy, did it feel good to not take the car, and get everywhere that much faster than walking. And no jacket was needed, so that made the ride extra special.

I just need to watch out for the potholes!

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