Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Good Intentions

I had grand plans to finish the half-written post recapping the merry month of April. But I couldn't bring myself to pay the overpriced charge to use the airline's wifi, and last night all I wanted to do was go to bed. I've written about jet lag before, but I am currently disrupted by more hours than usual.

As far as my body knew, I had stayed up all night only getting about one hour of sleep. I have done that in the past, although not too many times and I was a lot younger. And when I stayed awake all night, it was a lot more fun than sitting in an airline seat, going through customs and then sitting some more.

So, I went to bed. You can expect that post on April tomorrow. I'll work on it in between naps.

PS I wrote this when I got home last in order to publish it this morning, but was so tired, I forgot to schedule it to post this morning at six am. Oh, well. Here it is.

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