Monday, April 14, 2014

IPad Loan

Since I'm going to Italy in a few days, I've been looking for an alternative to taking my heavy computer along with me. I thought about buying an iPad
(I am an Apple girl, after all). But after talking with a Mac genius for about an hour about the many options, I went home with a bit of a headache, but no iPad.

So I put out the call on Facebook and email for a loan. Although from what I have heard once you have an iPad, you never want to give it up, nonetheless, I hoped to get lucky. And I did!

A wonderful friend from my book club let me borrow her first generation iPad and that's what I'm currently writing this post on.

However, there were more than a few problems. First the keyboard doesn't have any arrows to assist in navigating, which makes it extremely difficult to move around in the text. The entire screen of the iPad is the mouse, but my fingers are way too fat to make an acceptable cursor. 

And the iPad somehow has a different interface with blogspot than my computer, leaving me unable to figure out how to upload any photos, either my own or one off the superhighway. In short, I was exhausted and getting cranky, so I gave up. (When I moved back to typing on my computer, I started writing in italics.)

I must admit, the iPad screen is quite small and I could see my hands becoming quite cramped. I just weighed both devices and the computer weighs 3.25 lbs more than the iPad. I'm not sure that's enough to sway me to the iPad.

I've already taken the iPad to the genius bar once for a half hour tutorial and if I have time before I leave, I may go again and see if the geniuses can help me figure out the photo dilemma. Because if I can't upload and show you any of my photos in Italy, the iPad may not be useful to me.

I'll try again tomorrow.

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