Sunday, April 13, 2014

Brighter photos

A month or two ago, I wrote about the fact that my camera was ailing. My plan was to go to the camera store, find out if repair was possible (it wasn't), and buy a new camera. That all happened last week and today I put together my new camera.

Well, not quite put together. That makes it sound like I assembled it, which I did not. But I did need to put in the battery and some sort of card for the camera to store photos on. In addition, the camera came with various cords and wires, for as yet unknown purposes.

The box also has a CD instead of a manual. I had better put in into the computer and start reading, because, I only have a few days before my trip to figure out how to use this thing. It can take videos, has a pop-up flash, and more mysterious symbols and dials than I know what to do with.

I was, however, immediately able to take photos of our dinner last night. That bodes well for this camera being mostly idiot-proof. Or in this case, me-proof. Here is a lovely photo of my honey's delicious sauteed green beans served on our Warren MacKenzie platter.

Life is good.

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