Monday, April 7, 2014

Of Convents and Monasteries

There was a convent across the street from the Catholic elementary school I attended. The nuns lived there.  I'm sure it was a pleasant place to live, although from the two visits I remember, the rooms were dark. Maybe it only seemed that way to my childish imagination.

That building is no longer a convent, as there aren't enough nuns to fill it up. The same problem may be true in Italy, but they appear to have solved it by opening up their convents to visitors. And I'm trying to stay in one.

Here is a photo of the courtyard of a convent in Rome where my family and I will hopefully stay. I have submitted our travel plan to the website, and am just waiting to hear back from them.

The convent has all the modern conveniences including an elevator, wi-fi and even a terrace on the roof! They provide breakfast and although no mass is said at the convent, a chapel is available for worship and quiet contemplation.

Apparently you could cross Italy staying only at convents and monasteries the entire way. I had no idea! Thankfully my sister was well informed.

The only hiccup that might occur is that this particular convent has a 11pm curfew. Although some of the establishments so not have a curfew, this one does.  I hope that it doesn't prove an inconvenience to us.

No late night discos for us. Too bad!

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