Friday, November 22, 2013

Alice at the White House

Several people have told me that they very much enjoyed hearing stories about my mother-in-law, Alice.  (They've told me this by email or in person. Not everyone wants to comment on a blog, and of those that do, some are having trouble making it work.)

In any case here is another Alice story, told by my brother-in-law at the memorial.

Alice in 1968
My father-in-law was for some time in his career, general counsel to the Department of Commerce under JFK and LBJ, or as I liked to say, he was some high-up muckety-muck in Washington D.C.  I was always very impressed that I knew someone that had been investigated by the FBI and approved by Congress.

Alice was, of course, less impressed.  Perhaps because Robert was to her, a husband and father to her children.  In any case, as an adult, my brother-in-law was curious about these years and asked them about visits to the White House.  They admitted to having been at the White House on at least one occasion and my father-in-law talked about the people that had been there, and some of the topics discussed.

When my brother-in-law turned to Alice, his mother, and asked what she recalled about the night, she replied, "What I remember is that Robert had two servings of dessert!"

That was Alice to a T, her memories not of powerful people or the important setting, but of her family and sweets!

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