Saturday, November 30, 2013

November Questions and Comments

November has been an absolutely crazy month for me.  I have been away traveling more days than I have spent at home.  My writing this month has consisted of this daily blog, my nano novel, and the class to help me revise my previous novel, all at the same time.  The injuries from my stairway fall continue to plague me, although I am told the faces that I make while groaning are very entertaining.  I'm not sure I have juggled all my November responsibilities well.  But no matter all that, it's time for me to respond to your responses!  So here goes . . .

Thank you Alias, for recommending that I accelerate my rejection rate. That comment made me laugh, even though I plan on trying to do that in the coming months.

MA Reynolds had a useful trick for writing premise statements.  I'll have to try that, especially since the advice comes from a published author.

My 2013 nano playlist has grown by leaps and bounds since I asked for your musical advice.  It now consists of five hours of 78 songs.  I'll be sad to see it go.

Amy Frederick wanted to know who that marvelous fan behind the sign was.

That's my sister!

Congratulations to Kristi and Caitlin who successfully identified the song behind my post on old friends.  I make no apologies to the few who were annoyed with me for giving them that particular earworm.

Thanks again to all of you who respond to my blog in any way, either verbally, through email, or by making comments.  Committing to do this every day has been difficult, but also very worthwhile.  My small band of loyal readers are a big part of why I continue to write.

Nano Update:
Plot?  MC is trapped in North Carolina by a rainstorm.  Plans to have him magically transported across the United States by tomorrow is in the works.
Word Count?  47,491 (one day left, aah!)

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