Friday, November 29, 2013

The Night of Writing Dangerously

Last Sunday night I participated in a combination write-in, fundraising event and all-around celebration for National Novel Writing Month.  They call it the Night of Writing Dangerously.  The party happens at the Julia Morgan Ballroom in downtown San Francisco.  People come from near and far to attend.

The theme is always noir and many people dress up in costumes to add an extra element to the fun.  As always, the people was what made the entire occasion special. Everyone at my table was fantastic, from the three high school students to the somewhat older college professor and all of us in between.  We had a great time writing, laughing, and eating from the extensive candy bar. One of the writers at our table finished 50,000 words at the party, which meant she got to ring a bell, have everyone clap for her, tweet her name, and wear a crown the rest of the night.

The nano staff and volunteers went out of their way to make the evening memorable. There were prizes for the top fundraisers and a raffle for the rest of us. An open bar and a professional photographer to take author photos for our book jackets.  Individual writing sprints and table word wars with ceremonial hats for the winners.  There were motivational speeches and lots of social networking going on.  Milk and cookies were served at 10pm.  An attendee who is a published author wrote about her experience of the evening.

For me what made the whole elegant affair over the top was the setting. The Julia Morgan Ballroom is located in the Merchants Exchange Building, a historic building over 100 years old. Everything about it from the elevators and the bank on the ground floor to the view from the ballroom windows was spectacular!  I have included some of my favorite photos of that night for your viewing pleasure.  Full disclosure:  I did not take the photo at the top of the blog.  Apparently, I was too busy looking at the architecture, writing, and laughing with my tablemates to take good photos of the ballroom.

Nano Update:  
Plot?  MC is camping in North Carolina.  Somehow I have to get him across the country in the next two days!
Word Count?  45,523 (still a little behind)

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