Wednesday, November 20, 2013

La Note

I don't think I have written a restaurant review yet on this blog, but there's always a first time.  On my recent trip to the Bay Area, I went out to eat with a friend.  We went to a sweet storefront in downtown Berkeley housing La Note, a restaurant provençal.  My friend always knows the best places to eat, so it was no shock that the food was very good.  What was a surprise was the gorgeous little patio in the back.

We were there for lunch on a warm sunny day, and the outside patio was like a quiet oasis with excellent food.  Our waitress was very sweet and cute, with a thick French accent. She took good care of us.  We had a salad and an omelette with a half a toasted baguette.  Mmm, it was good.

If you live anywhere near Berkeley, check it out!  We need to encourage all small funky eating establishments with excellent cooking and delightful ambiance.

Nano Update?  None, I took the day off yesterday. . .

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  1. Looks amazing, Suze. More snow coming our way tomorrow and in the teens this weekend. So enjoy that sunshine!