Monday, November 25, 2013


One of the major ways that the writers who participate in Nanowrimo meet and support each other is at write-ins.  A write-in can be active and social, or very quiet and focussed completely on writing.  Yesterday my niece and I went to a write-in that had both of those aspects.

The setting was beautiful, a library at an institute of higher learning.  About 50 people were there trying to write enough words to catch up, stay even or get ahead of the daily nano average.  (If you are on track, you should be have already written 40,000 words).

Yesterday's write-in had periods of quiet writing competitions called word wars.  At this particular write-in, there were four word wars, each lasting thirty minutes.  Each "war" had prizes for the most words written, least words written and at the end of the write-in a final prize for consistency in word count over the four word wars.

As I am behind in my word count (and so is my niece), we welcomed the chance to spend some time concentrating on our writing.  Although we arrived late, my niece had the distinction of winning all three of the word wars she participated in and gaining the nickname 'scary'.  Both of us wrote lots of words, talked with other nanoers and generally had a good time.

Thanks to the organizers and other participants for an awesome write-in!

Nano Update:
Plot?  MC is visiting his sister where she goes to college
Word Count?  38679

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