Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Falling Down the Stairs

This morning I was all ready to do some errands, then go in to work to put in a good six hours on my writing.  Parking is free on Veteran's Day, so I could even drive.

However, my klutziness (toes broken by non-moving furniture, anyone?) had a different idea.  Somehow I slipped on our carpeted stairs, hitting five or six steps, and dropping everything in my hands before coming to a stop.  Initial soreness included my tailbone area, my right shoulder and elbow, my left heel, elbow and hand.

After a number of hours the pain has resolved itself to extreme pain in the tailbone whenever I move, some sort of groin pull and soreness in the middle of my back on the left side.  Plus my right shoulder is starting to ache again.

Usually I fall up the stairs with a small stumble.  Falling down the stairs is a different story.  And not the story I was planning on writing today!

Nano Update, Day 12:
Plot?  Main character is still hanging at his co-worker's place
Word Count?  18,514

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