Thursday, September 19, 2013

All of my worldly possessions

Although I do have an office, I don't actually have any place to leave any stuff.  So every time I go to work, I have to carry everything I need in an overstuffed backpack.

There's a computer, a hard copy of my novel, my writer's notebook and the hardcover book on Prohibition I am reading for research.  I also usually have a couple of newspapers or magazines.  Plus my headphones when I want to block out the office music and ambient noise.  And my keys, pens, pencils, cough drops, etc.

Sometimes I stop by the library to grab  DVDs or books.  Or I might need to take an extra layer of clothing because the weather can change from morning to evening.

On those days my backpack is monstrous.  Not only heavy but sticking out really far.  If I swung around quickly into someone, I could injure them easily.

I could clean it out of all unnecessary items, but then it would feel like too light.  Guess I'll just keep toting it all with me, making me feel important.

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