Thursday, September 5, 2013


There was an article in my newspaper today, originally published in the Los Angeles Times almost a month ago.  The main premise of the article was that although Ishtar was initially hammered by the critics, another look at the film has "healed its reputation" and those same critics now see that Ishtar has some good qualities.

But I already knew that, because back when it came out in 1987, I went to see it with my stepdad.  I'm sure my mom was there too, but I really remember watching that film with my stepdad.

And to all of us, Ishtar was hilarious.  Mostly because it was hilarious to my stepdad.  His laugh is one of the best things about him.  It is so infectious, you can't hear it and not want to laugh along.  So if he thinks a film is funny and laughs throughout it, you're going to laugh too.  His laugh ranges from a giggle to a guffaw and back again in an instant, and the more ridiculous the situation, the more he laughs.

It's one of my very clear, very good memories.  Besides, how can a film where Dustin Hoffman plays the bongos, alongside a shy, awkward Warren Beatty not be great?

So, if you're trying to decide about a film that the critics didn't like, think about whether you think you'd like it, and go your own way.

I can only hope that you have someone as great as my stepdad sitting in the movie theater next to you.

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  1. Great photos of Hoffman and Beatty appearing to be having a good time! -- Alias