Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Sybaritic Life

Last week, a friend of mine greeted me with, "So, how's the sybaritic life?"  I thought I knew what she meant, but I decided to look it up to make sure.  And it wasn't quite what I thought.

Merriam-Webster has this to say:

Definition of SYBARITE:  

1  [from the notorious luxury of the Sybarites]:  VOLUPTUARY, SENSUALIST

       — syb•a•rit•ic    adjective

Synonyms:  debauchee, decadent, hedonist

Now, I don't know who the Sybarites were, and why their luxury was so notorious, but I would like to argue that I am not living a voluptuous life.

Yes, there are times when I can read or watch TV or do whatever I want, but most of the time I am living the routine life.  I am doing the dishes and laundry.  I write this blog every day and I am working on my novel every day, as well as researching the Prohibition era.  I am ridding my home of my paper piles.  Exercising and eating/cooking healthy food every day takes a lot of time.  My online class has started and that requires a time commitment as well.  In addition, I am volunteering in my community and I am planning on travelling to see my family.

I am not expecting sympathy of any kind, but I just want to make it clear:  I haven't yet had my nails or my hair done.  I am not sitting around all day in a lounge chair with a box of See's candy on the table next to me while I get a massage.  No servants to do my chores.

I'm doing all sorts of work.  It's just the kind of work that nobody is paying me for.  It is a delicious freedom to do the work I choose. It's just not sensuous.

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