Saturday, September 7, 2013

Up North

There is a power in those two words.  Many people where I live have a cabin up north.  The cabins are usually on a lake and can range from mansions to hovels.  I have one friend with a cabin somewhere in between the two.

It isn't very big and it has no indoor plumbing.  You go to the bathroom in the outhouse in the back and you either bring your water in with you or you go down to the lake and bring it back in a bucket to boil.

But there is electricity, and comfy beds and a gorgeous view of an amazing lake.

Plus there's a regular kitchen and I hear that the newest, exciting addition is a full-sized fridge.

I go there mostly on one end of a canoe trip, or for a long weekend with my book club buddies.  But my friend has been known to spend most of the summer up there with her family.  Sometimes I wonder what that would be like.  Calming, I think.

Maybe someday I'll have to get me a cabin up north.

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