Friday, September 6, 2013

How to comment without being anonymous

Several people have told me that they can't comment on my blog without being anonymous.  And since I requested that comments not be anonymous, they can't leave their thoughts.  But I really want to read everyone's questions, comments and recipes.  So here's a short post to let everyone know how to do it.

First, write your brilliant comment to my amazing post.  Next, click on the no comments (or 1 comment) tag and a box will open up for you to write in. After you have written whatever you want, you have two options.  You can choose the OpenID option and type in your name.  Or you can choose the Name/URL option.  Put in your name (or your alias) and leave the URL box blank.  Blogger will let you do that (the URL will show up as empty parentheses.)

Some of you clever folk have used the anonymous option and then put in your name at the end of the comment.  Whatever works best for you.

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