Sunday, September 22, 2013

Gasoline leak

This is not the post I intended to write.

That one will toodle along later sometime. But for now, I will write about our adventurous Saturday.

It being a weekend day, we decided to do some chores and gathered up some brush that we had around our yard.  In order to take it to the county yard waste collection site we borrowed an old truck from a friend of ours.

After we had loaded all the brush into the truck, I noticed that there was something leaking from the engine of the truck onto our driveway.  I alerted my honey, the expert in all things automotive and he was fairly freaked out that it was the gasoline hose leaking.

'Cause gasoline is very flammable!

But even freaked out, my honey is incredibly resourceful.  He went and got some supplies: headlights, tape, clamps of various sizes plus many tools, pliers, a screwdriver, and I don't even know the other tools.  We even brought out our fire extinguisher, although he told me if the truck caught on fire to run.

He tried taping the hose, but it was too saturated with gasoline, so the tape wouldn't stick.  So he clamped the hose, which stopped the leak.  Then he had to figure out a place upstream in the gas delivery system to clamp down so that when he replaced the leaking hose gasoline wouldn't spew out everywhere.  After he managed that, he had to ride his bike to the auto parts store to get a new hose.  (Our car was trapped in the driveway by the truck.)

The final thing to do was to replace the bad, cracked gasoline hose with the brand spanking new one.  That was by far the easiest and quickest part of the entire ordeal.

Once it was all fixed, we put the tools away, and my honey went and dumped the brush at the collection site.  It only took about three hours extra.

Even though I know he's good at what I call "that stuff", it still amazes me that he had the tools and the knowledge to fix that truck in an afternoon.

Pretty cool, huh?

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