Sunday, September 15, 2013

Vacation is over

Yes, it's true, I am back at my messy house, made more messy by all the camping gear that needs to be aired out, but can't be because it's raining. However, my mind is still somewhere up north at the lake.

Beautiful morning, isn't it?
It was a great trip, five nights and six days being lazy in the Boundary Waters.  We camped on two different lakes, ate fresh fish three nights, and enjoyed watching the changing sky.

Of course, you learn something new on every camping trip.  Our chief learning on this trip was to not hang your extra rain fly over a trail, no matter how perfect the clearing and tree placement.  Trails turn to rivers in heavy rain, and eating your dinner standing in a river is no fun!

A big shout out goes to Nancy and Dave at Hungry Jack Outfitters who rented us our canoe.  They are always great at sharing their knowledge of the local area.  They are friendly and welcoming and have keen insight into the character of their customers.  Thanks for making everything easy!

Now all I have to do is clean my house.

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